How I expect breakfast or lunch to be with friends in 2030

Thinking about our future life is something mankind has done for decades. Many Sci-Fi movies have shown us how some of us expect the future and how the interaction between humans changes. The year 2020 really made me think about ways to interact with people without meeting them.

What I missed most this year was going out for breakfast or lunch with friends on the weekend. Of course not being at high risk from the coronavirus it is now possible to do this again, but still it is not the same as before.

We adapted to changes during this year and I also think that even if someone finds a vaccine against Corona the world would still be different. So why not thinking ahead of the current situation. …

Simplyfying data access to Backend Services from a Flutter Application

How are Services used in Applications?

It works like a drive-through. The Service is always there like the person that hands you your food in the fast food restaurant of your choice. The UI requests the data from the Service whenever it needs data.

Like you, when you go to the drive through when you are hungry. Then the waiter receives your order and requests your order in the kitchen.

In this case the kitchen is your Backend, the Waiter (Service) is then “serving” the food(data) to you (UI). Receiving your menu choice is like getting the parsed data into the frontend.

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Using Google Firebase makes it very easy to build smartphone applications from scratch because Google will handle the authentication and a basic database service for you. …

Persisting NoSQL Data in your Flutter Application

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Flutter is probably one of the newest open source cross-plattform frameworks published by Google. More and more people are starting to develop applications using the Flutter framework.

For a private project I started to use Flutter as well. This project utilizes the Realtime Database Firebase which is from Google as well. As Firebase returns a DataSnapshot which can be easily converted into JSON, I started thinking about how to persist my data in a good way in a smartphone application. Therefore Flutter offers the Plugin: SharedPreferences.

The Functionality of SharedPreferences:

SharedPreferences works as an Key-Value Store on the Phone. It saves the data type Map<String, dynamic>. …


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